Last Night with DJ Xotec

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For many people living here in Western NY, a man with a phonebook of credentials doesn’t need much of an introduction. But here at Last Night, we are determined to get to the bottom of the underground and take you where you may never have been before. DJ Xotec could be considered an icon. He could be considered an innovator. He could even be seen as a mentor to some. But put simply, he is just someone who ‘fell into this’. Trained in music production and engineering from Berkley College of Music, Xotec had the ear and willingness to persevere thru gaps of gig-less weekends to become one of the area’s most treasured musical curators. Now, after being involved with electronic music for close to 25 years, he is rewarded for all his hard work, all his sweat, with an incredible opening slot for international recording artist, Moby.


I sat down with Xotec at Pano’s on Elmwood and as we literally broke bread together and enjoyed each other’s company over a couple (few) bloody mary’s, he spoke openly and candidly on his career as a DJ. He explained that, ‘it’s not a race, it’s a marathon’, I personally think Xotec is living proof of that mentality.

tags: dj producer house acid house original
credits: DJ Medison
posted on 08/21/2014

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