Debbie Pappas performs "You're Getting to be a Habit With Me" at the 2012 Artie Awards

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Under the direction of Norm Sham, with spritely choreography by Kelly Cammarata, musical direction by Mark Vona, a resplendent set by David King, costumes aplenty by Bret Runyon, sound by Tom Makar and fights choreographed by Steve Vaughan, 42nd Street is a ball!

Debbie Pappas is a standout as Dorothy Brock, the regal diva with a libido that runs overtime. We believe she’s the great but ill-tempered star who makes it look easy.

Pappas performed the song "You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me" at the 2012 Artie Awards. Check out the video above.

tags: 2012 artie awards 42nd street debbie pappas dorothy brok you're getting to be a habit with me 22nd annual
credits: Cory Perla, Bob Van Valin
posted on 06/22/2012

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