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Detective Victor Hearns has lost it all. His wife, Aleah, murdered; leaving Victor unable to cope with life the way it is. Alone. Always in control and relishing in his happiness, this broken spirit is now moving closer to darkness and he is one step away from losing control. 


Haunted by a recurring nightmare of losing Aleah, Victor blames his job for all the wrong in his life. The agency needs him back on the force. The decision is his to live a life of regret or find his way back to reality by returning to work and doing what he does best...being Detective Hearns.


tags: knuckle city films hearns indie drama thriller addison henderson korey green quin walters daniel prichard james lawson j.j. alfieri john kerry GWOPSTARZ KIMIA SUN ALEEA LEE CHIP MAURO SHORT FILM DRAMA COPS COP STORY GUNS MOVIES LIFE DRUGS CORRURTION LOVE WAR CRIME CHECKMATE SNIPER BUFFALO NY LOS ANGELS HOLLYWOOD ACTOR Police Action Trailer Comedy Independent Cinema Thriller Cops Movie Feature Documentary Day Suspense Court Director Indie Mystery Montage Attorney Security Judge Criminal Arrested Funny Justice Person Officer Robbery
credits: Knuckle City Films / www.knucklecityfilms.com
posted on 02/22/2012

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