Fear of a Black Republican

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Beginning in his hometown of Trenton, NJ, independent filmmaker Kevin Williams takes a non-partisan journey over four years, two Presidential Elections and eleven states to find out if the Two-Party Political system in Urban America may be failing his city and the country.  In taking a self-critical look at his own Republican Party, Williams focuses his camera on the GOP’s efforts in the African-American community and examines the history and lives of Black Republicans; the GOP’s campaign strategy in urban areas versus the suburbs; media perceptions of Black Republicans; Republican Party efforts to recruit African-Americans; Democratic Party efforts and success in retaining the African-American vote; what both parties are doing today and what it means to be a “Black Republican.”

tags: documentary biography history kevin williams edward brooke newt gingrich mike huckabee michelle malkin mitt romney
credits: © 2011 Shamrock/Stine Productions, LLC / http://fearofablackrepublican.com
posted on 10/19/2011

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