Nat Baldwin of the Dirty Projetors Solo at Babeville

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Nat Baldwin is a busy man. Outside of writing groundbreaking experimental rock with the Dirty Projectors, he has also made time to tour on his own solo, free jazz material. Standing behind a double upright bass, bow in hand; Baldwin frets at the instrument until it speaks in tongues you’ve likely never heard before. With the combination of these warm strings and his own surreal vocal utterances, the native of glacially carved Kittery, Maine, creates sound somewhere between folk, pop, and experimental jazz; peculiarly intimidating at first, but quickly welcoming once absorbed. The creation of these unique sounds—as demonstrated on his four solo albums, including his most recent, 2011’s People Changes—is not entirely surprising though, considering he is a former protégé of jazz great Anthony Braxton.

Baldwin stopped by Babeville's Ninth Ward on Thursday, July 21st to play his solo material in a fitting, intimate setting.

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credits: Cory Perla
posted on 07/22/2011

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