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The Just Buffalo Literary Center is an independent organization dedicated to promoting community growth and education through the literary arts. Each year, Just Buffalo hosts a steady program of readings, open mics, and lectures. The center also produces Babel, a celebrated series of talks by international authors. In the past, the Babel program has featured such prominent authors as Azar Nafisi, and Orhan Pamuk. Another popular program run by Just Buffalo is Big Night, which features poets from across the country alongside local writers and artists who work in various media.  Just Buffalo also focuses on young poets and authors with its Spotlight on Youth program, which presents artists ages 12-21 at Shea’s Smith Theatre six times per year. In addition to these speaker programs, Just Buffalo also has several education programs, including the Writing With Light campaign, which reach more than 4,000 students each year.  One particularly successful part of this campaign has been Just Buffalo’s partnership with the CEPA gallery, which offers several multi-disciplinary programs such as “Picturing Poetry,” combining creative writing with photography, as well as other art forms.


Learn more about Give For Greatness and their mission to raise and provide funding for 56 Western New York cultural organizations at www.giveforgreatness.org.


tags: just buffalo literary center buffalo babel azar nafisi orhan pamuk books give for greatness education writers artists
credits: Andy Smyczynski, Cory Perla
posted on 06/28/2011

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