Third Star

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James (Benedict Cumberbatch) wants to make the most of this life -- what's left of it.


He invites his three closest friends to join him on a camping trip to his favourite place in the world. The undertaking, however, is fraught with practical difficulties, surreal encounters and emotionally ravaging revelations. For his best friend Miles (JJ Feild), the trip means wrestling with the gloomy reality that the ones he loves tend to die. For Davy (Tom Burke) it's about being there and holding the effort together -- while for Bill (Adam Robertson) it's about running away from the mistakes he's made and the comfortable trap that is his life. Each step of the journey is one step further from the past and to a brave new world about courage, dignity and the beauty that lies in the friendship between these four young men.


tags: comedy drama foreign independent hattie dalton
credits: © 2010 Western Edge Pictures /
posted on 06/22/2011

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