Slime City Massacre

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SLIME CITY MASSACRE is the 2010 sequel to Gregory Lamberson’s 1988 cult horror film SLIME CITY. The film was shot in Buffalo, New York and had its world premiere at the Beloit International Film Festival in Wisconsin. SCM won “Biggest Baddest Mother of the PollyGrind” (Best Film) and Kealan Patrick Burke won Best Actor at the PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas. Brooke Lewis won Best Scream Queen for her work in the film at the B Movie Celebration in Franklin, Indiana, and the amazing Debbie Rochon won Best Actress at the Eerie Horror Film Festival.


Written and directed by Gregory Lamberson, the film takes place seven years in the future, after a dirty bomb has decimated New York City's financial district and reduced midtown to a post apocalyptic nightmare... "Slime City." Into this hostile environment arrive Alexa (Jennifer Bihl) and Cory (Kealan Patrick Burke), a draft dodger and an army deserter, seeking refuge. In a seemingly deserted building, they encounter Mason (Lee Perkins) and Alice (Debbie Rochon), two hardened survivors who teach them the ropes. In flashbacks, we see how Zachary Devon (Robert C. Sabin, star of the original) indoctrinates a prostitute named Nicole (Brooke Lewis) into his "Coven of Flesh," and we learn why he and his followers committed mass suicide. When Alexa, Cory, Mason and Alice discover Zachary's "home brewed elixir" and "Himalayan yogurt" in the ruins of his soup kitchen, all four characters are possessed by the spirits of Zachary and his followers, with outrageous results. Throw in homeless people, mercenaries, and mutant cannibals, and you have the recipe for an epic battle--the Slime City Massacre.


tags: action horror sci-fi local interest gregory lamberson jennifer bihl kealan patrick burke debbie rochon
credits: © 2010 Slaughered Lamb Productions / Gregory Lamberson /
posted on 05/04/2011

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