The Truth of the Sky to Debut at Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

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Nearly 17 years ago in France, on a cloudy evening, Air Inter takes off from Lyon-Saint Exupery, headed for Strasbourg. There are 90 passengers, and a crew of six. One hour later, nearing the German border and its destination airfield, the plane banks sharply left, circling Mont Sainte-Odile, and rapidly losing altitude. The crew is able to correct the sharp turn, but apparently is unaware of the rate of descent. Minutes later, the Airbus 320 slams into the 2,500-foot mountain.


Rescuers take four-and-a-half hours to reach the site. In that time, several who survived the crash have died of hypothermia. Only nine survive. The other 87 are gone—husbands, wives, lovers, fathers, mothers.


Documentary filmmaker Jim McSherry explores the lives of the families forever shattered by the crash. In their own words, seven families quietly recall that day—and the days since. It is clear that each life veered as sharply as that plane. Some live with more gratitude; some with more faith; some with pain so raw it’s as if death struck 16 days ago, rather than 16 years.


The Truth of The Sky makes its NY debut on opening night of the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival at 8:30pm on April 8th and again on Saturday April 9th at 8:15 at the Market Arcade.

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posted on 04/07/2011

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