The Forgotten City: Feature Length Documentary

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The Forgotten City is a soul stirring documentary taking place in Buffalo, New York exploring race relations, segregation, crime, and politics. Through exclusive breathtaking footage and one-on-one interviews with many citizens and some of Buffalo's most influential leaders, The Forgotten City exposes the bitter truth about Buffalo and all inner cities. It challenges stereotypes, encourages change and shakes up the status quo. Buffalo was once a booming city; one of richest in the United States and is now a place where crime, racism and poverty plague a once great city.


This film is a personal journey of two young filmmakers who forged an unlikely partnership following a 2001 murder; one a friend of the victim and the other a friend of the murderer. Instead of waging war, they embarked on a documentary film project that would take them into the heart of Buffalo's most dispossessed communities and crime ridden streets. The result of their exploration is a documentary film with a raw, hard-hitting, unblinking first-hand look at the way some of us really live in America. This film brings to light the racial turmoil and economic hardships that have become the lifestyle of so many living in Buffalo's inner city.


The Forgotten City, however, is not simply a film about the problems that plague Buffalo's inner city; it can easily be the story of any American city and is a film that everyone should see.


A DVD of The Forgotten City can be purchased here. Knuckle City films can be reached at 1-866-280-0859, or at Visit their website at



tags: knuckle city films forgotten city documentary feature length crime violence poverty east side inner city
credits: © 2008 Knuckle City Films. Written and directed by Addison Henderson and Korey Green / Editor: Stephen Powell / Sound: Durand McLeod II / Producer: Melvin Williams / Associate Producer: Christian Johnson
posted on 12/01/2010

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