Buffalo Bushido

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Buffalo Bushido is a psychological portrait of a man (Davis) trying to come home against the odds. His perception is the lens of the story as flashbacks, the present, fantasy (animation), all happen simultaneously. Seeking to reconnect with his friends (Sadie and Shawn), Davis finds himself being pushed away into the role of the samurai- his coping strategy & manifestation of estrangement. Home begins to take on a different meaning for Davis as he cannot escape his past and the path he must now take.


Read M. Faust's review of Buffalo Bushido in the April 29th edition of Artvoice.

tags: independent drama local animated peter mcgennis peter mcgennis leila arcieri jesse l. martin bruce glover
credits: Celtic Soul / http://www.buffalobushido.com
posted on 04/28/2010

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