Broken Dreams

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Broken Dreams is a gritty coming-of-age story about a young filmmaker, Johnny (Eddie Navarro), and his two lifelong best friends, Ryan (Jake Olson) and Elisabeth (Kelsey Ford), who are dealing with the changes that occur as they enter adulthood. Johnny is trying to complete his documentary about a 3-foot-8-inch agoraphobic little person, Julie (Nicole Gerth), when he finds out that Ryan, a law student, has asked Elisabeth, an aspiring clothing designer, to marry him. Since Elisabeth hasn’t given Ryan an answer yet, Johnny hopes that he still might have a chance to be more than friends with Elisabeth.


While making his documentary, Johnny has also developed a deep bond with Julie. Julie fears facing people in the outside world. As their friendship strengthens, Johnny becomes more of a mentor than director to Julie. Even leaving his camera at home one day in an effort to convince her to go outside. As Johnny helps Julie overcome her fears, can Julie help Johnny overcome his own?


Johnny turns to a new pill called “the blues” to give him “three more hours a day” to help him balance his day job (security guard), his dream job (filmmaker) and his pursuit of Elisabeth. Once Johnny starts taking “the blues,” he becomes more obsessed and prone to severe mood swings. His dealer, Tony (John Nicholas), then cuts him off from the drug, sending Johnny down a dangerous path to get more, putting Johnny and his friends in danger.


Look for Broken Dreams at this year's Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, coming in April.

tags: drama independent david crabtree kelsey ford anya benton nicole gerth danielle soibelman eddie navarro jake olson
credits: Dare to Dream Films / David Crabtree /
posted on 03/18/2010

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