The Heretics

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THE HERETICS uncovers the inside story of the Second Wave of the Women’s Movement for the first time in a feature film. Joan Braderman, director and narrator, follows her dream of becoming a filmmaker to New York City in 1971. By lucky chance, she joins a feminist art collective at the epicenter of the 1970’s art world in lower Manhattan. In this first person account, THE HERETICS charts the history of a feminist collective from the inside out.


The Heresies Collective published HERESIES; A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics from 1977-1992. The group included: writers such as Lucy Lippard and Elizabeth Hess; architect, Susana Torre; Creative Director of the New York Times and Real Simple Magazines, Janet Froelich; Curator of Film at the Museum of the American Indian, Elizabeth Weatherford and filmmaker, Su Friedrich; as well as such prolific and renowned artists: Joan Snyder, Pat Steir, Ida Applebroog, Miriam Schapiro, Cecilia Vicuna, May Stevens, Harmony Hammond, Emma Amos, Michelle Stuart, Joyce Kozloff, Mary Miss, Amy Sillman and Mary Beth Edelson. All the women (ages 54-84) are still doing the work they fought for the right to do when they founded HERESIES.


THE HERETICS focuses on the Heresies Collective as a microcosm of the larger international Women’s Movement in which thousands of small, intimate groups of women met together to consider their situation -- as women in a man’s world -- and to devise strategies for unlocking their potential and make their work visible.


Read M. Faust's review of The Heretics in the February 25th edition of Artvoice.


The Heretics will be presented next Thursday (March 4, 2010) at 7pm at the Market Arcade Film and Arts Center (639 Main St,) as part of the International Women’s Film Festival. Director Joan Braderman will be present to introduce and discuss her film.

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posted on 02/24/2010

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