Premiere of "Bravo Sierra"

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Bravo Sierra is a political satire masquerading in the clothes of an action adventure comedy. In the great tradition of 1980's action genre, Bravo Sierra has brought together an all star ensemble cast that includes several Buffalo music scene notables.


Set in the fictitious country of Shitholistan, rebel leader (played by legendary bassist Kent Weber) battles imperialist forces of the United States, Canada and the UN for control of the country's money rich sod fields.  Kristin Gilmet (of Global Village idiots fame) plays a Bond worthy vixen foil along side husband David Gilmet trying to secure the countries power via blackmail, torture, and good old fashioned shoot'em up fun.


Director/writer Jason Aupperle's sophmore release not only has him behind the camera but in front of it . He stars as the naive misguided patriot Johnny Appleseed, who caught between opposing forces threatens to bring the whole house down cards down.

Aupperle once again teams up with husband and wife duo Dave McCreery (of Paper Faces, Crawlspace fame) and Sakura Paterniti (Global Village Idiots) with the musical score. Under the moniker Sealcats, Dave and Sakura go the route of a fully orchestrated sound in true action adventure style.

Bravo Sierra is a tongue and cheek romp with sexy villains, low budget special effects, slaptstick comedy, and a fast paced story that will keep on the edge of your seat.

The movie trailer and ticket information can be found at:

Premiere Screening of "Bravo Sierra"
Market Arcade Theatre
February 13th, 2010

Tickets: $8.00
All Proceeds will be donated to Carly's Club of Roswell Park.

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posted on 02/10/2010

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