Break Dance Battle @ Buffalo

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What used to be a musical movement enriched by culture and heritage and energized by struggle and oppression has become all too lollipop and gumdrops. That’s where Depree comes in. Inspired by the founders of the Differential Flavor Crew, Tony Estevez and Infinite, as well as other gurus of the game like Storm and Ken Swift, he began breaking in late 1999 and hasn’t missed a beat since. His dedication to the art—and it is an art—of breakdancing has made him the current leader of the Differential Flavor Crew as well as a much-respected b-boy in the community and the like.

In 2005 Depree founded Verve Dance Studio, which has become the home of the Battle @ Buffalo, a monthly event where b-boys and b-girls show up to display their skills. The Buffalo native has become a driving force behind Buffalo’s own breakdance and hip-hop dance scene.



Battle @ buffalo is a monthly b-boy b-girl event that happens at Verve Dance Studio downtown Buffalo New York. It is an all ages event that features a 16 person one on one bboy bgirl competition. There is also an 8 person funk styles battle that happens as well. Dancers from buffalo, rochester,syaracuse,canada and all over the map show up to rock the spot.People of all ages and races show up to the jams,it's really a beautiful sight.Music is a huge part of any jam...... so to help us with that we have none other than the ever fresh mellow brotha DJ SIMPLE on the one and two's, tossing up the best breaks your body can handle! If you love music,dance and unity you should come out to the next jam!


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tags: youth verve dance studio b-boy depree dance breakdancing hip hop battle
credits: Joe Marzullo
posted on 02/04/2010

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