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Last month Artvoice went along with the Riverkeepers for kayaking-canoe trip from the East River Marina at Grand Island paddling the Niagara River to Strawberry Island, Frog Island and various shoreline lagoons and marshes. The guide Paul Leuchner, one of the engineers who helped save Strawberry Island from washing away, has an encyclopedic knowledge of local history, habitat, and ecology. After reviewing more than three hours of video footage we realized it would be impossible to encapsulate all that one can learn on one of these Riverkeeper ecotours. So we opted instead to just post some footage to give a sense of what the experience is like.

In addition to paddling tours, the Riverkeeprs have hiking and biking tours. If you want to be outdoors and take advantage of the summer months in this area, you won't go wrong participating in anything the Riverkeepers have to offer.

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeepers
1250 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14213
Phone: 716.852.7483 Fax: 716.885.0765
Email: info@bnriverkeepers.org

tags: riverkeepers body canoe kayak niagara river buffalo niagara riverkeeper
credits: Jamie Moses
posted on 07/11/2009

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