22 Years In Lesotho: One Child At A Time

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    In 2006, local Buffalo filmmaker Franco E. Ardito and ArtvoiceTV videographer traveled to Lesotho in southern Africa to document 6 weeks in the day-to-day life of philanthropist Jeannette Samter.  Jeannette has spent the better part of the last 30 years in this mountainous country, land-locked soley by South Africa.  Her experiences included years with this apartheid neighbor and the politcal unrest in Lesotho in the early 1990s.

   "22 Years In Lesotho: One Child At A Time" is a well-paced, carefully crafted, independent film that will leave the audience wating to meet Jeannette, Masia, Bokung, Poloko and all the rest.  Jeannette's life's work will inspire the good samaritan in all of us.


      This 33 minute featurette will be screened tomorrow as part of Buffalo For Africa: Womens' Conference.  Check back next week for a video from the conference.


tags: franco ardito buffalo for africa africa 22 years 25 years lesotho one child at a time south africa apartheid apartied
credits: Franco Ardito
posted on 03/27/2009

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