Dr. Riyaz Hassanali: Thermage, What is it?

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Do you have sagging skin, a loose tummy, jowls? Maybe Thermage is the procedure for you. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Riyaz Hassanali sat down with Buffalo actress and television host Loraine O'Donnell for part 4 of our series of interviews with area medical experts. Today's subject is Thermage, a revolutionary procedure to tighten skin by using radio waves.

Dr. Hassanali, of Williamsville (626-1593) is a well respected cosmetic surgeon who works internationally, as well as locally. This is the 4th of six segments from Dr. Hassanali. Other medical experts will follow this series.

tags: health dr. hassanali themages medical advice skin care williamsville
credits: Jamie Moses Matthew Quinn
posted on 12/17/2008

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