Reactionary Ensemble at Squeaky Wheel

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Saturday, Aug. 30 was a perfect night for being outside. Squeaky Wheel thoughtfully took advantage of waning summer weather and hosted a music-video performance in the parking lot next to them. True,to get to the show one had to climb over Main St. construction (presumably to return two way traffic to the 700 block), and other than the large video screen the entire lot was pitch black, save for one small light near Brian Milbrands laptop. Nevertheless, the performace was worth it, and the price was right... free! The Reactionary Ensemble performed at the Central Terminal for Artists & Models, and also during the Infringement Festival. The Reactionary Ensemble consists of musicians Kathleen Ashwill on cello; K. Cornelius on percussion,guitar, electronics, KG Price on drums and trumpet and T. Andrew Trump on bass and electronics. Brian Milbrand provided the video art using Max MSP and Jitter.

tags: squeaky wheel infringement artists & models reactionary ensemble
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posted on 08/31/2008

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