48 Hour Film Project

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The 48 Hour Film Project, a national competition, had Buffalo filmmakers scrambling this weekend to get their submissions together. Eighteen teams finished on time and handed in their work. Five teams will be submitting late, but will be included in the screenings and on the DVD. And, according to Terry Fisher of Full Circle Studios, "two teams have disappeared off the face of the earth and, frankly, we're a bit worried - so Team Heath Films and Team Devil Dollies - let us know things are all right and what happened." Artvoice stopped in at Full Circle Sudios for a few moments on Sunday evening as a couple teams were returning to hand in their 48 hour films. We talk with 48 Film producer Terry Fisher, RPM filmmaker Reed Rankin, and the team from Avance. Films will be screened at the Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre, 739 Main Street on Wednesday, August 20th, and Thursday, August 21st at 7pm. Check them out. I know we'll be there! Filmmakers share their own experiences on a 48 hr. film blog: http://www.48hourfilm.com/buffalo/blog.php

tags: 48 hour film video short film film festival local film
credits: Matthew Quinn
posted on 08/18/2008

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