Duayne Hatchett @ the Burchfield Penny

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This interview is from a few years ago, but i thought it would be cool to highlight this clip seeing as Mr. hatchett has a new show on display at the Burchfield.

Duayne Hatchett: Form, Pattern, and Invention, curated by Burchfield Penney director Ted Pietrzak, is both a celebration of the artist's accomplishments and an opportunity to delve into the themes that have occupied his life and work. Hatchett is celebrating his 84th birthday within days of the opening of this exhibition. Over his long career, the artist has consistently demonstrated the force of his remarkable creative energy and has built a sterling reputation in the art world. His paintings and sculptures have found their way into major collections across the United States, and he has completed many large-scale commissions, both public and private-but it is in a broad-based retrospective exhibition such as this that the full scope of his life, vision, and artistic triumphs can be fully experienced. Collectively we must acknowledge the boundless creative spirit of Duayne Hatchett and the abundance of beauty he has given.

His work is on display through August at the Burchfield Penny

tags: art gallery artist of the week
credits: John Long
posted on 06/22/2009

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